Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee


The puppy is current and age-defying in shots. The seller has made every effort to ensure the health of the puppy. The puppy has recently been examined before departure and looks healthy.
The puppy is guaranteed genetic abnormalities for 6 months (from the date of the vet's examination to the date of delivery to the new owner) if the following guidelines are followed exactly:
a) The Buyer must notify the Seller immediately of any genetic defect.
b) You must obtain a written statement from the Buyer's veterinarian regarding the genetic defect.
(c) A written second opinion from another veterinarian must
be provided to us from Buyer.
(d) The puppy should be kept, kept natural, photographed, and given the veterinarian's telephone number and contact e-mail address.
e) Replacement is only possible if the (defective) dog and pedigree is returned at the buyer's expense. Or the parties agree on the fate of the dog (But dog pedigree must always be returned).
f) Following these guidelines, if a genetic defect occurs, we provide an infant of equal value and purchase price within 12 months. If the dog cannot be replaced by the seller within 12 months, he must reimburse the dog. Shipping cost is non-refundable !!!

The following conditions apply to the warranty:
- Severe, life-threatening spinal cord, heart, pancreas, kidney damage. (Immediate paralysis, life-threatening heart problem, chronic pancreatitis).

This warranty does not cover: Cherry eye, umbilical hernia, royal hernia, loose hip, loose knee, infertility, allergies, any bacterial infection, fungus, parasite infection, hypoplastic trachea, respiratory tract infection, kennel cough, demodex, tail order cosmetic issues, language, teeth, Buyer's ignorance, negligent veterinarians' neglect, or anything not listed above. For no reason will we cover the death if he died during anesthesia.
-spine disorders, as relevant professional research shows that this problem is mainly due to the short-nosed twisted-tailed breeds, which have a very high percentage (more than 95%), do not have a clearly identifiable selection program for filtering mature breeding dogs without symptoms,which can be used by responcible breeders in practice. (Mature dogs showing symptoms are clearly selected out from program before breeding!)

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The seller is not responsible for any medical expenses incurred. The buyer is aware that owning a puppy means going to the vet and understands that he will be responsible for all payments.
Any physical problems that may result from or may be caused by the damage are not covered by this warranty.
There are certain disorders that can be caused by environmental factors, such as allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this warranty.
It can be an indoor dog.
All items under warranty are for replacement only. There is no refund, in whole or in part.

The buyer is responsible for all necessary paper and shipping costs on the seller's baby.
No replacement puppy will be given if the puppy was bred or defeated without the seller's permission.
The exchange puppy is mutually agreed and of comparable quality. It goes without saying that the replacement puppy probably does not come from the same parents as the original puppy. The buyer acknowledges that he pays the shipping costs if he becomes a replacement dog.

This warranty is void if:
Buyer does not provide puppy / dog preventive health care, including vaccines, internal and external parasites, and heartworm preventive medicine.

Buyer understands and accepts these terms and conditions of sale. This warranty is for the original owner only and is not transferable.

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